Welcome to East Mersea

By most standards of today the Village of East Mersea is a thriving community which can boast not only a pub and a Church but also a vineyard and a restaurant. Although the number of residents remains small, the visitors to the caravan sites swell the numbers during the summer months.

Coronavirus Helpline


If you have had to self-isolate or if you need assistance, please call the West Mersea Town Council Helpline on 01206 489240.

The line is operated by volunteers between approx. 8am and 5pm. Self-isolation is for those who have colds, coughs, high temperature or suspected Coronavirus symptoms.

About East Mersea

Historically, East Mersea has influences going back to Celtic times

Your Parish Council

East Mersea Parish Council has 5 Councillors, you can see who they are

Useful Information

A list of websites with local information and useful contact information

Parish Council Meetings

The East Mersea Parish Council meets on the second Thursday of the month, except August. 

Meetings start at 7.30pm and are held in the Village Hall, East Road, East Mersea.