Useful Information

Here you will find a list of websites with local information and also Colchester Borough Council contact information.

There is a wealth of information on the West Mersea Town Council website, should you not be able to find what you need below, then please take a look at their website.

Coronavirus Help


If you have had to self-isolate or if you need assistance, please call the West Mersea Town Council Helpline on 01206 489240.

The line is operated by volunteers between approx. 8am and 5pm. Self-isolation is for those who have colds, coughs, high temperature or suspected Coronavirus symptoms.

 Mersea Barns are doing essentials 01206 384198, you can phone and pay by card and they will safely give you your goods.

East Mersea Church is closed.

Colchester Borough Council

Please find below contact details for the most requested Colchester Borough Council departments. If the department you are looking for is not listed below then please click on the button below to be taken to the their website.

Noise and Other Nuisance

01206 282652

Planning Officer

01206 282450

Head of Planning

01206 282452

Planning Enforcement

01206 282445

Environmental Services

01206 282581

Useful Local Websites

Here is a short list of local websites that we think are useful to the community.

Please note that we cannot be responsible for the content of any site you visit outside this one including those listed as useful website. 

West Mersea Town Council

Latest information on what the Town Council is up to and a lot more information about Mersea Island.

Mersea Island Society

The Society aims to preserve, safeguard and promote the characteristics of Mersea Island for the benefit of all.

Mersea Island Museum

The history of Mersea Island and surrounding area from Roman times to the present day. Farming, fishing, oystering, to the island’s buildings and it’s people.

Mersea Wildlife Blog

This is an online journal of the wildlife found on Mersea Island.


A live-action camera view of the Strood, helpful to see when the tide is over the road.


Footpaths and Walks

A website for walkers in Essex.